Lomi Lomi


“In the temples of ancient Hawaii, the Kahuna, or Shaman practiced a unique lineage of Lomi Lomi known as Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. This practice is designed to awaken and enlighten the being in the physical body, to awaken one’s true calling in life and to provide a space for transformation.”

“Lomi means to weave: weaving light, weaving love, weaving spirit, unweaving unhealthy patterns in the body, unraveling wounds and old belief systems. The Hawaiian term Lomi Lomi means to knead or massage. The intention is to reawaken the body to its divine connection with spirit and to release that which prevents the recipient from experiencing themselves in the most authentic, expanded sense. This massage is practiced from a position of sacred respect for the person, providing unconditional love and acceptance. The work is designed to open energy centers, awaken the person’s internal light, and awaken to new ways of sensing and seeing the world. The whole body is interconnected with flowing strokes and movements.”Reprinted by permission: Tom Cochran

Sacred Lomi is an meditative form of massage, often described as deeply relaxing, meditative or sensory. There is nothing for the recipient to do other than to receive and breathe.


In traditional lomilomi, the client may drink herbal teas to cleanse the body internally prior to the massage. The body is also cleansed externally with red clay or salt. Sometimes time is alternated between a steam hut and plunges in cold water to increase circulation prior to beginning the massage. Much of this preparation is dispensed with by modern practitioners but we are happy to keep as much of the traditional preparation intact as the client desires and, indeed, prefer to do so.

A session lasts from an hour and a half to two hours. In preparation for the session, it is recommended that the recipient not eat or drink for several hours prior. Recipients are asked to not wear any perfume, cologne or other strong body scents. All jewelry will need to be removed including any body piercing jewelry. Legs, arms and faces that are shaved regularly should be recently shaved so that minimal stubble is present. No make-up should be worn. Hair will need to be up so that no hair is able to fall onto the neck or shoulders. Ideally, the body should be recently showered and clean so that the oil flows smoothly on the skin. After receiving Sacred Lomi, water should be consumed in significant amounts to help clear the body. Many recipients adjust their day so they can spend some time after the session integrating and enjoying the lingering effects of the massage.

The recipient will be kept very comfortable. This massage is performed while lying directly on the massage table, with no bottom sheet, allowing the practitioner to perform certain underbody flowing strokes and techniques. The room is kept very warm. Often the practitioner will breathe audibly to help sustain energy and assist in developing the proper intention. Generally, there is no conversation between the recipient and the practitioner which allows the recipient and practitioner to focus on the massage. A liberal amount of unscented oil is used. As is standard with any type of massage, the recipient will dress and undress in privacy and while getting on and off the table a draping sheet is used.



This is a very beautiful and caring style of massage and the process is, at a minimum, fully relaxing. Some find it to be personally uplifting and insightful. It would be ideal to simply experience the massage as it unfolds; however, our cultural and ethical standards require that an informed consent be filled out prior to the massage.

Sacred Lomi is best performed with minimal draping based on the recipient’s comfort level. The recipient’s comfort level is the primary consideration. If the recipient is not comfortable – then there really is no purpose in providing the massage. Modifications of the typical Sacred Lomi draping method are possible, but any modifications will prevent the ability to perform certain strokes and movements. It is preferred that no undergarments of any kind be worn – if underwear is worn it is very likely that it will be damaged from oil staining. During the actual massage, the preferred draping method uses a hand towel that will always be covering the gluteal cleavage and genital area. The genital area is never exposed. As an alternative option, the full draping sheet can be folded down and used for covering the genital area / gluteal cleavage but it will need to be folded to a fairly thin strip positioned between the legs.

It is recommended that no breast / chest draping be used. If breast / chest draping is used, it consists of a hand towel folded into a strip and placed over the breast / chest area; it is also folded up at the sides so that the sides of the upper body are accessible. Most people experiencing a Sacred Lomi massage choose the option to not have any breast / chest draping. This choice allows for a much more complete massage and utilization of several very beneficial strokes and clear access to the sternum area (the Heart Chakra). The breast, or corresponding area of a male, is never touched.

The preferred leg placement is also different in this style of massage. Optimal placement positions the legs so that the feet are at the edge of each side of the table. This allows access for numerous leg strokes and techniques. Legs can be placed more center-line to the table, but this limits the effectiveness of the strokes and may prevent certain strokes from being utilized. Regardless of leg placement, the genital area is never uncovered or touched. The client’s draping choices will be held in the strictest confidence and needs to be indicated on an informed consent before the massage session begins.

This is a wonderful experience and may end up being the best energy based massage that a person will ever receive. It has all the benefits of traditional massage and also provides additional potential for balancing body energy, clearing Chakras, and providing a meditative state of relaxation.